Blocked toilet BR2

Posted by in br2 plumbers boiler repairs, on March 6, 2016

In the chilly season of winter, frozen water pipes are a common problem just like the common problem of how tounblocka blocked toilet BR2. But the former can cause a real mess as it can lead to damaged pipework. Therefore, it is very necessary to resolve the problem as early as possible.Looking for the frozen part of pipe:The first step in resolving the problem of frozen pipes is to identify the location of the freeze. For this monitor the flow of water from all the appliances as by this you can be able to narrow down the exact position of the freeze. Once the accurate position of the freeze is located, it becomes easier to look for more clues. There could be several possible clues like: An un-angled section of pipeDraughts from the air vents next to the pipeworkPipework next to the vent in the roof spaceAfter identifying the freeze point:After identifying the location of the blockage, carefully inspect the pipe as well as all the nearby fittings. You may find a split in the pipe or in the fitting because of the pushing of the ice expansion. If this happens, then melting the ice will cause leaking of the joint. In such a case, immediately turn off the water supply to this section as you may have to when you unblock a toilet and then tackle the case accordingly. Thawing the ice with gentle heat:Open the tap situated on the frozen pipe in order to allow water flow when the ice will melt. If you are unaware of how long the blockage is in the pipe, then start from the area nearest to the tap and carefully work from it. Gently apply heat to the affected area by using a hot water bottle or a hair dryer. Be careful as excessive heat could damage the soldered joints.

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