Broken Flush

Posted by in br2 plumbers boiler repairs, on June 23, 2014

At some stage in the lifetime of your WC it is going to definitely fail to work on at least one visit. This is always very inconvenient. Should this happen to you, you should firstly give it a good thorough visual inspection. Look for anything that is really obvious. It is highly unlikely to be really simple, so you should take the cistern lid off and look inside. A BR2 Boiler Repairs plumber can fix any plumbing problem. If it looks ok and the handle mechanics with its various parts look to be in order, then, it is probably due to a failure of something a little closer to the water outlet. There is a part fitted called a diaphragm washer that is the most likely reason for the flush to fail.Isolate the water feed to the cistern and remove the water by bailing out with a small bowl and some old cloths. Lift the siphon arrangement from the body of the cistern (take photos if you are unsure). You will need to disconnect the linkage to the lever arm, if the arm of the float operated valve is in the way, you will need to remove this also. BR2 Plumbers can replace defective seals and washers. Once the siphon is out, you should now be able to see underneath the base and the place where the old perished diaphragm washer usually sits. Disconnect the hook on the shaft that lifts the diaphragm, this will let the diaphragm housing drop from the siphon base. Fit the new washer, and re-fit all the parts in the reverse order of removal. Turn the cold-water feed back on, make sure the cistern starts to fill and visually check for leaks. All jointing washers need to be in a good condition, if not, wrap some PTFE tape around the joining parts.

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