How to clear a Blocked sink at the P-Trap

Posted by in br2 plumbers boiler repairs, on April 10, 2016

A Blocked sink BR2 may take place on the trap arm or on the P-Trap, especially when the clog is the result of coffee grounds or grease that has stuck there. If plunging did not help to remove the clog, then you should dissemble and clean the P-trap. You should start by getting the water from the sink by scooping it out so that you may reduce the flow when you pull out this trap. You should keep a bucket or pan underneath since the dirty water is going to flow. The metal nuts may take more time to be loosened up than when plastic nuts have been used. You will need to have slip joint pliers in order to break these items free. You can loosen them up gently in order to avoid the bending and the cracking of the trap assemble. You can unscrew the slip nut found between the tap arm and the P-trap. When it is the trap that was clogged, then you have to clean it. You should reinstall it and test the line using hot water. When it is not the P-trap that was clogged, you have to move on and remove the trap to unclog it. If you have not found any clog up to now, then it is time that you use the snake. You should turn the snake inside slowly until you are sure that the snake has reached the clog and then turn, but if you do not feel the clog you should continue to feed the snake into the clog. After clearing the clog, you should have water to clean the plug as you pull it out and have a place to keep the clog materials that the snake may have caught. When you have removed the clog, you can use baking soda and white vinegar to dissolve the remaining fats in a Blocked sink BR2.

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