Fit New Close Coupled WC

Posted by in br2 plumbers boiler repairs, on August 18, 2014

With up to four different lavatory designs on the market it is quite difficult to choose the right one for your home. One particular style that stands out as a new innovation is called the close-coupled WC. Its unique design sees the cistern fixed right on top of the pan. It is possible to fit the unit, however if you do not feel confident it is a good idea to calla professional service like BR2 Plumbers who will fit the new unit. If you decide to go ahead and fit, then make sure that you check all the parts that are supplied for damage, before you take out the old WC. Check the new unit for cracks etc. Here is the guide for fitting a close coupled WC: Place the large rubber gasket into the flush entrance of the pan. Fit the long fixing bolts in the holes in the WC cistern, and include the rubber and the supplied large metal washers. Line up the cistern on the pan, so that the fixing bolts can locate. The section of the flushing mechanics with the threads needs to go through the rubber gasket on the flush entrance of the pan. A BR2 Boiler Repairs tradesman can fit a new WC. Put the washers onto the connecting bolts, and tighten the wing nuts. Make sure they are secure but not too tight. Visually check and confirm that there are no cables or pipework below the fixing points, then, slide the outlet of the pan into the soil pipes already attached flexi-connector. If needed, you can use silicon grease to help it on. With the power drill, create pilot holes in the floor at the fixing points. If it is a concrete floor you will need to use the hammer function on the drill and a masonry bit to make the holes, then, plug them. Push the supplied plastic protective inserts through the holes in the bottom of the pan and secure the retaining screws through the pan and into the floor. The cistern should have fixing holes in the back, if so, fit it to the wall using the drill, screws and plugs. Lastly, fit the rubber washers before you tighten up the nuts. Fit the supply pipework for the cold water with a push fit tap connector and check for any leaks.

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