How to unblock a manhole

Posted by in br2 plumbers boiler repairs, on June 23, 2016

Blocked drains or even manholes are nothing new in life. If someone has gotten stuck with the issue of a blocked manhole BR2, some mains points should be considered before starting the procedure of clearing the blocked manhole.
Pipes below the ground are spread in straight lines for their entire route and when a change in direction is required, a bend of less than 90 degrees is used with an inspection chamber at this point. Above it there may be a manhole cover.
There are many clear signs of a blocked drain like dirty water backing up, flooding over your feet while taking a bath, and inefficient water draining. Like the varying signs of a blocked manhole, there are many techniques to resolve the matter in a perfect way. But before moving towards a solution, there are some necessary pieces of equipment and tools that you must arrange before starting the procedure of fixing a blocked manhole BR2.
Equipments and tools:
? Pair of rubber gloves
? Drain rod attached with 100mm diameter rubber plunger
? Hose
? Strong garden spade
? Watering can
? Disinfectant
Locate the blockage:
To locate the actual blockage of the drain, lift the cover of the manhole. You can take the help of a strong garden spade; raise the edge of the cover with the spade to enough height and then grasp it firmly. Check the chamber which is nearer to the main drain, cesspool or sceptic tank and then the overflowing chamber. If you found the chamber full, check the chamber nearest to the sceptic tank or the main drain. In case it is also full, it means the blockage is between this chamber and the main drain. But if the chamber is empty, it means the blockage is in the drain between the chamber and a higher one or gully.

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