10 Points of Interest (Bidet)

Posted by in br2 plumbers boiler repairs, on April 14, 2014

1). Types of Bidet.The two types of Bidet are, The Over Rim Bidet which is similar to a low level style washbasin with hot and cold taps. The Under Rim Bidet which has mixer taps, a spray and remote operated plug. Fitting can be carried out by a professional from BR2 Boiler Repairs .2). Over Rim Bidet.This simple style is low cost and easily fitted but the down side is a cold top rim when you sit down!3). Under Rim Bidet.This type is expensive and more difficult to fit but the advantage is that warm water runs under the rim keeping it warm when you sit!4). Pipework.An Over Rim Bidet can take its cold water from the nearest pipe but and Under Rim Bidet must take its cold supply from a dedicated pipe that links to the cold water storage tank in the loft.5). Health and Safety.There are 2 concerns regarding small children thinking it is fun to play around a bidet, being the height and also hot water that might hurt.6). Authority Regulations.Under Rim Bidets are described as unsuitable for DIY installation but are allowed. It is because the Authorities require the water supply comes from the loft storage tank with no other connections to the pipe permitted which makes for a lot of extra work.7). Position.Floor standing or wall hung.8). Surrounds.Tile around the Bidet and fit a towel rail at a convenient level.9). Cost. (Under Rim Bidet).Much more than Over Rim type due to extra pipes, mixers etc.10). Plumbing Regulations.If you have any doubts about the rules and regulations regarding the fitting of a Bidet it is a good idea to contact you water supply company or seek advice from a local expert like BR2 Plumbers .

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