Bending Pipework

Posted by in br2 plumbers boiler repairs, on May 7, 2014

There is a piece of equipment used in plumbing that will allow most pipework to be bent without snapping or crimping. This is called the Pipe Bender. BR2 Plumbers use pipe-bending equipment.The majority of these benders are made to bend various diameter pipes:Small are normally 8,10 and 12mm.Larger are normally 15and 22mm.Should you need to bend copper tube that has a wider diameter than those above you will need to push a few weights or you can go and purchase a bender that is powered, however these are very expensive. So if the tube you want to bend is over 22mm then you have a dilemma. You could use fittings instead.Bending Micro-bore Tubing:The micro-bore copper pipe or tubing can be bent quite easily by using a pipe bender. Micro-bore tubing is supplied in roles and is so soft it can often be bent with the hand. To make sure that you can reach a sharper, cleaner bend you should really use the machine. Micro-bore is a small diameter copper tube that is normally 8-10mm round and is mainly used in a central heating system with its main advantage being very low heat lost by water running through it. Micro-bore is a very easy and flexible tube to run. BR2 Boiler Repairs craftsmen are experienced in micro-bore bending techniques.To Bend:1). Make sure that the machine is open completely with the arms both at 180 to the other and place the micro-bore tube between the arms.Always ensure that the tubing sits under the retaining arm and into the correct channel for its size. Move the top into a parallel position with the tubing, which is now enclosed in the grooves. Draw the arm downwards to commence to bend, and in one complete movement, pull both the arms simultaneously until you have right bend angle. Release both arms and take out the bent micro-bore.

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