Descale and Flush a Central Heating System

Posted by in br2 plumbers boiler repairs, on May 8, 2014

Through its life your central heating system will have inside it lots of dirty dank water and will also react with the metal in the system. This will cause corrosion if left for long periods of time. So it is a good idea to flush through and clean the system at some point. This will get rid of any debris and also flux that may remain after the installation. This can cause damage to valves and the pump, so it is best cleaned out. If you cannot do it yourself you should call a professional plumbing service like BR2 Plumbers who will clean and maintain the whole system.Note: Remove the pump before you start the process. You can keep the circuit complete by using a piece of hose or flexi pipe in its place.All BR2 Boiler Repairs tradesmen are trained to carry out this type of work. A full descaling and cleansing routine can be carried out if your system is suffering bad corrosion. A very strong cleaner or descaling agent may show small leaks that have been sealed up by corrosion so it is a good idea to use a mild cleaner, feed into the pipework from the feed and expansion tank or into one of your radiators through the bleed valve. Manufacturers’ instructions can vary, but the cleaner is normally run through the system for around 7 days, and with the boiler set to quite a high temperature. After, isolate and drain the system. Refill and drain it several times if you can, then, with a hose, run mains pressure water through the system while as it drains. If you hear loud banging from your boiler, then treat it and its immediate pipes with quite a powerful descaling treatment, running on a hot water program only. Of course at any point if you are not confident, dont forget that you can call a professional plumbing company.Once the routine is complete and the pump is refitted it is a good idea to turn the pump impeller manually with a screwdriver before running up the system, this will ensure that it is free to spin and pump.Note: Should there be any resistance, inspect the impeller and change if needed.

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