DIY Plumbing Tips

Posted by in br2 plumbers boiler repairs, on May 9, 2014

A). When you are working on hot water pipes, also the pipes on a central heating system, always visually inspect the joint for dryness once the pipes get hot as it is a very normal thing for them to be dry if the water is cold and start to leak if the water is hot. BR2 Plumbers know plumbing tips.B). A good way of moving a pipework blockage is by using a wet and dry vacuum that is blowing. To accomplish this without too much mess, you will need to cover up all the overflows and then place all the plugs in the holes. On a pipe that has been solvent this way can work great, however, its not the best for push-fit pipes because sometimes it will blow the joints from the end of the pipework. Unfortunately there is a mess but it is effective. C). The most usual example is for a fitting that is made from plastic that has is connected to a copper pipe using a nut made from brass. When the nut is turned it will almost certainly rip the thread enough to encourage a leak. BR2 Boiler Repairs have skilled plumbers who can work on all types of pipework.To Stop This:Always tighten the brass nut by hand being quite gentle. If there is difficulty in turning, then you will be doing something called threading the joint which simply means that the brass nut is running its own thread through the plastic rather than following the thread of the fitting. Stop turning and undo the nut, making sure to check the pipe is straight in the fitting and not at an odd angle. Look for any damage and try again. Try and have the fitting reasonably loose so you can be sure the pipe and fitting are lined up correctly.

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