Macerator Unit

Posted by in br2 plumbers boiler repairs, on May 11, 2014

Macerator Unit.?This piece of equipment is a great bit of kit, and does pretty much the same job as the WC and is very affective. With this unit the pipework is negligible. A BR2 Plumber can fit this unit. The macerator also enables you to choose just where you want it to be fitted unlike other appliances for which we dont get any choice in the matter. You can now consider an en-suite fit to the master bedroom. It also has a great feature in that it can push the waste upwards and away from your property if needed. This is great for lower ground floor properties like a flat or apartment. Now this unit is all but another version of the toilet in that it is a plastic box, quite small, that will fit at the back of the WC and just pulp, chew and mash up all the waste that is sent through it.Basic Operation:This process happens by using a really sharp and strong set of blades that rotate at high speed. This is designed specifically this way to make sure that all the pulped waste can run easily through the small bore pipes that are supplied with the unit. The macerator is able to be installed behind panelling on walls.There is a part of the installation process for the macerator that needs the services of a professionally qualified electrician to fit the electrical supply for the unit. This holds the electrical motor that drives the sharp blades. BR2 Boiler Repairs skilled technicians can sort this. The pipework for this piece of equipment as mentioned earlier is smaller than most in plumbing and can be set easily into a wall.Key Points:a). Human waste only and no other waste products.b). No requirement for air fresheners that clip on the pan. The unit takes away the smell.c). The unit can be quite noisy and will run for some time when the flush is used.

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