The Magnetic Question

Posted by in br2 plumbers boiler repairs, on July 18, 2014

There are at the moment, a huge choice of water treatments that feature magnets or the fields of magnets. They are bought and then fitted to either side of a cold fresh water pipe in the home. The theory is that the water is exposed to the magnetic field that exists between the magnets and this has an effect on the water. Another way is to use two electro magnetic coils fed from an electrical supply to achieve the same result from the field that is produced. The retailers of this type of device are claiming that the exposed water has its effective hardness reduced. These claims also include the destruction of scale deposits, reduced water and heating bills, longer life for the water heaters and domestic appliances, and better more effective use from soaps and detergents. BR2 Plumbers are trained in water softening. So, it is said that the magnetic system will provide a water that is like softened water caused by something called ion exchange, with no rock salt having to be added. Strange that only the effective hardness is claimed to be reduced through magnetic treatment. There apparently is no calcium or magnesium removed from the water by this magnetic treating of the water. What the claim seems to mean is that the magnetic field reduces the likelyhood of the dissolving minerals in the hard water formong a scale. Even though the concentration of these dissolving minerals indicates the water is actually still hard, it appears then, that magnetic field treated water is behaving like soft water. There are some retailers state that this magnetically altered water is more healthy than the ion exchange version. BR2 Boiler Repairs plumbers carry the correct tools. It appears that the ion type of softeners can increase sodium concentrate in the water, and will affect those with hypertension, although the level of the sodium is deemed to be of an amount that is not of any worry or danger to hypertension sufferers. Note: There are people who are on a restrictive diet for sodium and these are the only ones who need to do their homework on this subject, whether the water is soft or not and they are always told to drink demineralised water and eat low salt foods. The argument continues!

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