Underfloor heating

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Under the floor heating systems are potentially up to 40 per cent more efficient than conventional systems. Used in with radiators or on its own, it will free up wall space for shelves and cupboards, or for a minimalist look and there are no hot and cold spots as heat is distributed evenly across the surface. The system should not require any maintenance and flooding is virtually unheard of. Underfloor heating is easier where you are laying flooring from scratch rather than lifting existing flooring. For this reason, new builds or extensions are ideal. They are compatible with almost all floor surfaces. It is particularly welcome under stone surfaces which can get very cold in winter. Certain types of timber, vinyl and laminates can also be used with this type of heating system but it is essential to seek professional advice from experts like BR2 Plumbers to ensure you get the right type. Electric systemsElectric are where you work with the existing flooring, the best system to install is this particular one as it is flatter than water-based systems so should not require the floor height to be raised in order for it to fit underneath. Electric under-floor heating uses cables attached to or embedded in mesh mats, which are connected to the power supply like a giant electric blanket. They are 30-40% more expensive but easier to fit than a water-based system. Ribbon systems and carbon film are particularly flat, so ideal for minimal disruption to floor structures.Wet systemsThis type uses a system of plastic pipework that lay beneath the floor surface and are filled with warm water from the central heating system. The pipes have no joints to eliminate the chance of leaks through joints. Water based systems can run off any boiler, although gas condensing boilers are the most efficient. Some can create a cooling effect in summer. Each room has its own valve but these can be stored in an overall control hub in a cupboard.?Installation?Simple electric mat systems can be installed yourself, but BR2 Boiler Repairs can install both systems professionally. The floor beneath the heating system needs to be well insulated to prevent heat loss.

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